Over the years working for the transport industry has become the backbone of our company.

We make new side curtains for both new and old trailers and we can measure and fit on-site.

We also provide a mobile repair service for side curtains a tilts.

False bulkheads

False bulkheads can be made to suit almost any vehicle, supporting and restraining the load when the vehicle is not full. These can be made to use either existing fittings in the trailer or a new system can be designed and fitted from scratch.

In the picture shown on the right a 40ft trailer was loaded with a 35ft load of full cans of beer. A false bulkhead manufactured by us was then fitted and the trailer was then stopped abruptly from about 40 mph. This photo was taken after the test and as you can see the load was held, if the load had not been restrained it would have been a tragic waste (but we may have at least been offered some of the damaged cans)!


From 10mm webbing up to 100mm webbing, from plastic buckles to 5 tonne ratchets we manufacture straps and load restraint systems for some of the UK's major transport and retail companies.

So if you know exactly what you want, or whether you are looking for advice on how to fit out your vehicles we are happy to help.