Fitting new side curtains to a lorry is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to greatly improve it's appearance. All our side curtains are manufactured from the highest quality materials, from the 12x12 weave PVC (available in over forty colours) to a range of stainless steel buckles. Granite sheeting can also be fitted to side curtains, so if a person attempts to tear the curtain with a knife the cut is restricted to only 10cm. This protection comes in the form of steel bands, meshed together with gaps of 10cm, attached to a PVC sheet which can be welded to the inside of new or old curtains. Side curtains can be measured and fitted on site, and we also offer a mobile repair service to side curtains and tilts. PVC technical Data Polyester woven base cloth Weight: ca. 880 g/m2 Tensile strength: 400 DaN/5cm Tear strength: 60 DaN Adhesion: 10 DaN/5cm Temperature resistance: -30