Our Spray hoods, hoods and
canopies are all handmade to individual patterns,
specifically taken from your own boat.

Our preferred materials are:

Sunbrella, an excellent acrylic fabric imported from
the USA. Available Colours

Mbs, a PVC coated traviera.


Sunbrella is woven from a man-made fibre so tightly that it can be used without any proofing and still remains water resistant. Being woven it looks like canvas without the 'plasticy' appearance associated with PVC.

We were introduced to Sunbrella several years ago by an American customer who enthused about its qualities. We were so impressed that we now use it by default, unless a customer requests otherwise.

You can visit the Sunbrella web site from the link on the right, where they also show a full range of colours.


PVC has several advantages over acrylic. It costs less, it is 100% water proof and in addition to these it can be welded. By welding seams and windows a cover can be kept water proof regardless of size, where as acrylic has to be sewn.

PVC is manufactured with many different finishes: satin, gloss and cape grain (leather look). So it needn't look 'plasticy'! In addition to these a two colour PVC is proving very popular. With a range of colours on the out side but with light grey on the inside, so a dark blue hood can appear light and airy from inside. 

Glass (transparent PVC)

We use a 'crystal clear' pvc for our windows of 30thou or 40thou thickness. This is extremely clear with very low distortion and  has proved to be very durable. It is UV treated and anti-fungicide. If your cover is left on for long periods, especially in built up areas, we would advise having window covers fitted. If the windows are covered when the boat is not in use it can add many years of life to the windows, and save costly replacement later.

We can also fit Vibac windows if requested, although the size of the window is restricted to the size of the sheet (max 60"x 48") .