Over the years it has become a joke within our company that if a customer needs a complex cover or strange shaped object made from PVC or canvas, they will phone around from the yellow pages, get passed from pillar to post and inevitably end up on our doorstep.

From the years when work from the London docks diminished we have always been glad of this work. And although boats and yachts are now flooding back to the London marinas and we find ourselves inundated with marine work we are always happy to tackle many other jobs. Our experience of making covers for everything on a boat has allowed us to adapt to making almost anything, and from this further experience has inevitably been gained.

As a result what ever kind of cover you require we can probably make it!

Some of the jobs that we make:

Tarpaulins, pvc or canvas ducts, padded furniture covers, motorcycle tank covers, car covers, banners, forklift covers, fitted machinery covers, swimming pool covers, spare wheel covers, pvc warning triangles, boxing and martial arts canvases, pick-up truck tonneaus, marquees, tents, awnings, etc...