Cutty Sark

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Jan 2002 Cutty Sark

Sails for the Cutty Sark

We are currently manufacturing nine sails for the famous tea clipper in dry dock at Greenwich, London.

We were delighted to be given the order by High Command productions , a film production company currently remaking the classic ” The Four Feathers”. Some scenes will be filmed aboard the Cutty Sark and they needed the ship to appear in full sail. So on the recommendation of Captain Waite,  who has been using our company to supply canvas work for the Cutty Sark for over ten years (see company history), we were approached by the studio to ‘re-sail’ the ship.

Of the nine sails (the lower three on each mast) the main course sail is being made in full, the others only of two thirds height to be seen reefed. They are all to be made of a 15oz cotton duck canvas, slightly lighter than the 18oz flax which was originally used but should make it a lot easier to hoist them.

The main course has been machine broad seemed but all of the rope work is being done by hand with traditional tapered splices and hand fitted bulls eyes.

We understand that after production the sails will be kept by the Cutty Sark Trust and will be used on many occasions.