Guinness World Record

In 2011 we were asked by media company Chilli Sauce to manufacture the worlds largest bra for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The existing record was held by the Triumph Bra Company in Japan at around 28m.

Our target was to beat this record and make a bra strong enough to be unveiled hanging on the side of the ITV tower on the Thames embankment in London.

We selected a 34B bra (as going for a 36D would have used more than double the material), and the scaled the panels up to the required size.

The difference in size of various bras.
Panels that would normally be a few centimetres long end up 8 m.
Making the shape using sail battens to get the correct curve.
A bow that started out under an inch wide…..
….ended up over 1m wide
The metal hooks are nearly 30cm long.
And the strap buckle is 1m wide
The nearly finished bra was inflated in Woodside Infant School’s assembly hall using a bouncy castle fan to check size and shape.
The finished bra was unveiled live on ITV’s “Good Morning” hanging on the ITV tower.

The finished size was 29.6m hook to hook.

40 times the size of a regular bra

For the bra to be worn by the Statue of Liberty she would need to be twice as tall as she is!

The bra went on to get further publicity when it was sold at auction to a Las Vegas Casino

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